Johnson Football Dinner (2020)
3/3/2020 4:39 PM

OnMarch 01, 2020, the Arthur L. Johnson Crusader Football Team held their annualpost-season awards banquet. Head Football Coach Anthony DelConte presided overthe event as all athletes were honored for their contributions to CrusaderFootball. In addition, numerous scholarships were awarded to deserving studentathletes throughout the evening. The night culminated with the showing of the2019 Crusader Football Team’s highlights. It was a wonderful evening tocelebrate both past and present Crusaders and continues to keep the traditionof Crusader Football alive and well.


Below is a recap of thescholarships awarded throughout the evening:


The Collegiate Athlete of the Year

The Collegiate Athlete of theYear honors a former Crusader that has gone on to succeed both in the classroomand on the athletic fields. The 2019 recipient was Michael Dohn, who playedcollegiate football for the Monarchs of Kings College.


Century 21 JRS Academic Achievement Award

The Sanguliano family annuallypresent the Century 21 JRS AcademicAchievement Award to our Senior Football player with the highest GradePoint average. The Award includes a scholarship and plaque. This year’s 2019Academic Achievement Award winner is Patrick Brennen.


The Henry A. Varriano Memorial Award

Henry R.Varriano presentsthis award to a senior player who displays determination and a never give upattitude. The recipient of this award always puts Team Above Self --- SacrificedIndividuality for the Team --- Pushedhimself to achieve greater heights --- OvercameAdversity --- and displayedperseverance. The Varriano Award is for a scholarship and plaque. --- The2019 Varriano Award winner was Vito Cassano.


The Thomas Santaguida “Saint of the Year” Award

The loss of Thomas Santaguidadevastated all of us. We lost a man we all loved and admired. When Mr.Santaguida came to Johnson in 1993, he had to replace one of the most respectedand loved men in ALJ history in Lou Paragallo. He won everyone over with hisdignity, his professionalism, his confidence, and most of all, his sense ofsportsmanship and fair play. He was a mentor to us all and we became strongerfrom the experience. As a high school player at Plainfield Mr. Santaguidaplayed football and basketball. His coaches and teammates say his fiery stileand zest for competition stood out even then. Those are the qualities that arecelebrated in naming the 2019 Johnson Football “Saint of the Year”. --- The 2019“Saint of the Year” is…Evan Parenti.


The Dennis Carpini Memorial Scholarship

The Dennis Carpini MemorialScholarship recipient receives a scholarship & plaque. It is presented tothe senior football player who, like Dennis, overcame odds and had a true loveof Crusader Football. The athlete must be a heart and soul competitor, aunifier, and a positive role model. The 2019 Dennis Carpini MemorialScholarship goes to…John Cuccolo.


The Coach Seymore “Red” Kelin Most Improved PlayerScholarship

The Most Improved PlayerScholarship recipient receives a scholarship & plaque. It is presented to thesenior football player who through dedication, hard work, and perseverance hasshown a tremendous improvement in the sport of football throughout their highschool career. The 2019 Most Improved Player Scholarship goes to…Kyle Sachewicz.


The Don LaPenna III Memorial Leadership Scholarship

The Don LaPenna Leadership MemorialScholarship recipient receives a scholarship & plaque. It is presented tothe senior football player who, like Don, overcame odds and had a true love ofCrusader Football. The athlete must be a great role model who displaysexcellent leadership qualities and was dedicated to his team. The 2019 DonLaPenna Leadership Memorial Scholarship goes to…Joseph Kaulfers.


The William Waterson Memorial Scholarship

Officer Waterson made theultimate sacrifice…he gave his life in the line of duty. He was brave, honest,and devoted to the job. Mr. Tom Maye, owner of Station Cab, presents this awardto be displayed in our main trophy case and a scholarship to the senior whomost exemplifies the character traits of Officer Waterson. This award speaks tosacrifice and commitment. The recipient set a new standard of leadership andcharacter in our school and community. He has the innate ability to impact allstudents in our school. He is well liked, and respected, by his peers. The 2019William Waterson Memorial Scholarship goes to…Max Carmino.





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