Senior Athletic Awards (2019)
6/11/2019 4:32 PM


2019 Senior Athletic Awards Press Release

Monday, June 10, 2019 (6:00PM)


On Monday, June 10, 2019, the Arthur L. Johnson AthleticDepartment held their 2019 Senior Athletic Awards. The evening, sponsored bythe Crusader Athletic Booster Club, was held at the Westwood in Garwood.


All the Senior Student Athletes, their Athletic Teams, andtheir seasons were highlighted by their coaches while handing out plaques andawards to the student athletes. Over 100 senior athletes were handed out a“Booster Club Achievement Plaque,” which signifies all of the sports programsthat the senior athlete participated in throughout his or her high schoolcareer.


The program continued with the acknowledgements of all ofthe student athletes that will be continuing their academic and athleticcareers playing the sports they love in College. The following Arthur L.Johnson High School Seniors will continue their athletic careers at thecollegiate level:


·        Joseph Bencivenga (Golf– Immaculata University – The Mighty Macs)

·        Thomas Bizzoco (Lacrosse– Stockton University – Ospreys)

·        Eric Bretz (Lacrosse –Stockton University – Ospreys)

·        Robert Dante (Film –Montclair University – Red Hawks)

·        Sarah English (Soccer –Union County College – Owls)

·        Camila Howard (Soccer –RutgersNewark – Scarlet Raiders)

·        Brandon Hund (Lacrosse –Towson Universty – Tigers)

·        Sebastian Iakouchevitch(Lacrosse – Stockton University – Ospreys)

·        Cecilia Puentes (Soccer– Pace University – Setters)

·        Bailey Rosenmeier(Basketball – Middlesex County College – Blue Colts)

·        Colleen Sullivan (Soccer– Robert Morris – Colonials)

·        Natalya Torres (Track& Field – Monmouth University – Hawks)

·        Amanda Zambrana (FieldHockey – Rider University – Broncs)

·        Victoria Zatko (Softball–LaSalle University – Explorers)


The evening culminated with the announcement of multipleawards and scholarships.


The Richard Superak Field HockeyScholarship is presented tosenior field hockey players each year. RichardSuperak became a fan of Johnson Crusader Field Hockey when his granddaughter,Morgan Atanasio, began playing in the fall of 2006. After winning both a Countytitle and a State Sectional championship while she was in high school, Morganwent on to have an illustrious career at Hobart William Smith College.Morgan attributes much of her success in college to the discipline she acquiredduring her time as a student-athlete at ALJ. Many of Morgan’s teammates alsohad stellar college field hockey careers. Richard Superak has remained a fan ofJohnson Field Hockey, becoming a fixture in the JFH Family. This year, hedecided to continue a scholarship foundation that will assist in the collegiateefforts of former Crusader Field Hockey players. The 3rd Annual Richard Superak Field Hockey Scholarships are awarded to: Alyssa Colicchio, Kaylee Parkhill, and Amanda Zambrana.


The Jeffrey Felter / MichaelSot Memorial Scholarship Presentation is given to one senior baseball player each year. Its origin began a fewyears ago as the baseball team, led by Coach Dave Kennedy, honored our 1974alumni with a 40th Year Anniversary of the 1974 State SectionalChampionship Baseball Team. That day was highlighted by the announcement thatour alumni would be donating a scholarship in honor of one of their classmatesthat had passed away. This has expanded this past year in order to also honorMichael Sot along with their friend.

The 5th Annual Jeffrey Felter Memorial Scholarship wasawarded to: Nicholas McCaffery.


Executive Director of The UCIAC and Clark School DistrictBoard of Education member, Mr. Tom Lewis, annually presents multiple Investor Savings U.C.I.A.C. Scholarships to deserving senior student athletes. Throughout theyear, Arthur L. Johnson High School partners with the UnionCounty Interscholastic Athletic Conference to host many Union County Tournamentgames and Championships. This partnership allows us to showcase our wonderfulfacilities, but more importantly it affords us the ability to present severalscholarships to deserving senior student athletes at our yearly banquet. The eightInvestor Savings UCIAC Schoalrshiprecipients are Matthew Alongi,Jason Applin, Eric Bretz, Nicole Buczynski, Marcos Castro, Robert Dante, JoshuaHill, and Colleen Sullivan.


Booster Club President, Mr. Scott Bohm, next presented the ALJ Booster Club Outstanding Athlete Awards and BookScholarships.


The recipientsfor the Outstanding Athlete Awards were: (Female Athlete) Natalya Torres and (Male Athlete) Sebastian Iakouchevitch.


The recipientsfor the Book Scholarship were: (Female Athlete) Kylee Zawacki and (Male Athlete) Anthony Bogash.


Finally, former Athletic Director of Arthur L. Johnson HighSchool, Mr. Carl Peterson, presented the ThomasSantaguida Sportsmanship Scholarship. The Booster Club recognizes TomSantaguida for all his efforts and professionalism while serving as theAthletic Director at ALJ for six years. Tom was a model of sportsmanship,ethics, and integrity and an example for all of us to follow. In his memory theALJ Booster Club annually awards scholarships to students who exhibit thequalities that Tom was so well known for. The recipients always treatedteammates with respect, they won and lost with dignity, they respected thejudgment of officials, and accepted seriously the responsibility and privilegeof representing Arthur L. Johnson and the communities of Clark and Garwood.


The recipientsfor the Thomas Santaguida Sportsmanship Scholarship were: (FemaleAthlete) Hannah Brogan and (MaleAthlete) Andrew Kehrle.


The Athletic Director, Gus Kalikas, had this to say aboutthe event: “The Senior Athletic Awards area wonderful event that allowed the administration, teachers, coaches, parents,and student athletes a chance to reflect on a wonderful four years competing asan Arthur L. Johnson High School Crusader while honoring our senior studentathletes for their remarkable accomplishments. Although the contributions fromthis senior class were great and will be missed, we look forward to seeing whatthey can accomplish in college over the next four years.”

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