C.A.L.C. Visits PreSchool for Field Day
6/12/2018 5:33 PM

            On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Councilparticipated in Field Day at the Clark Pre-School. FieldDay is a day set aside for sports or athletic competition with the entire Pre School.The activities of the day included: Soccer,Ring Toss, Obstacle Course, Ice Cream Relay, Basketball, Parachute, Bowling,Ball Toss and Scooter Relay.


C.A.L.C. members were integratedwithin each station and had a fabulous time interacting with all of the Clark Pre School students. C.A.L.C.members Jason Applin, Dylan Bohm, Tyler Bohm, Joshua Hill, BrandonHund, and Samantha Ianco assisted in all of the activities throughout theday.


            Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director, at Arthur L. Johnson High School, had this to say about the event. “The C.A.L.C.was thrilled to be able to assist with the Clark Pre School’s Field Day events. It was funwatching the High School Student Athletes as they interacted with the youngchildren, and I think both groups not only enjoyed the experience, but learneda lot while doing it.”


Lori Kowalski Preschool Nurse andSupervisor, stated, “The children rotated through nine gross motor activitiesfrom soccer to scooter relay.  It was evident that the children wereconfident in their movement skills and improved hand-eye and foot-eyecoordination.  I would like to thank the parents who attended, and thePreschool staff, especially Caleb Bain, Physical Education Teacher, whoorganized, set and cleaned up the special event.  Special thanks go to theCrusader Athletic Leadership Council Club for all the extra hands!”


The C.A.L.C. would like to thank everyone associated with the Clark Pre-Schoolfor welcoming us and allowing us to be a part of a fabulous day.


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