2018 UCIAC Scholar Athletes
5/29/2018 1:49 PM

      On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, two student athletes from Arthur L. Johnson High School were designated as the recipients of the Union County Interscholastic Athletic Conference’sScholar Athlete Award. The UCIAC is anorganization run by Executive Director Tom Lewis, who has continued the greattradition of the Scholar Athlete Dinner from the late Frank J. Cicarell. Frank J. Cicarell was ateacher, coach, administrator, BOE member, and President of the Union CountyAthletic Conference. In spite of all of these positions, what he was mostremembered for was his impact on the student athletes, as he was the drivingforce that made athletics in Union County what they aretoday. In fact, our Union County Tournaments are still named after him to thisday. Over the years the dinner, organized and run by Executive Director TomLewis, has grown in size and has given out hundreds of thousands of dollars inscholarship money.

     These awards, which are presented to amale and female athlete from each school in the county, celebrate not only theathletic successes of our high school athletes on the fields, courts, and mats,but honors the countless hours that they spend in the classroom as well.

     Arthur L. JohnsonSenior Student Athletes Joe Turek and Amy Wysocki were honored asthe recipients from Arthur L. Johnson High Schoolin Clark. Joe Turek had a stellar career at Arthur L. Johnson High School participating in football and baseball. Asa senior, Joe was named captain of both teams he played for as well as breakingboth the seasonal and career rushing records during his time on the gridiron.He recently captured his 100th hit on the baseball diamond as well.He will continue his education at the University of Delaware. Amy Wysockiparticipated in field hockey and basketball throughout her career at Arthur L. Johnson High School. She helped both Lady Crusaders’ programs competefor County and Sectional State Titles throughout her years of participationwith the programs.


     Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director at Arthur L. Johnson High School, had this to say about the recipients. “Joeand Amy have been an integral part of the success of our athletic programs at Arthur L. Johnson High School, allowing us to have success on the fieldsin multiple sports. More importantly, they have been model student athletesthat did things the right way both on the fields and in the classroom. They aretruly deserving of being named our recipients of the UCIAC’s Scholar Athlete Awards, and we wish themwell as they embark on their college careers.


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