Spring Athletic Awards (2018)
5/16/2018 12:12 AM

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the Arthur L. Johnson Athletic Department held their 2018 SpringAthletic Awards. The evening, sponsored by the Crusader Athletic Booster Club,was held in the Arthur L. Johnson High Schoolauditorium.


All the Spring Athletic Teams and their seasons werehighlighted by their coaches while handing out letters and awards to thestudent athletes. Over xxx varsity athletic letters were handed out throughoutthe evening, as participation in athletics at Arthur L. Johnson High School continues to grow.


The program continued with the Student Athlete Award, whichwas presented by the Athletic Director of Arthur L. Johnson High School, Mr. GusKalikas. The Student Athlete Award is given out each athletic season to astudent athlete that is not only a champion on the field, but in the classroomas well. The 2018 Spring Student Athlete award recipient was Lindsey Hofschneider.


The Crusader G.P.A.Challenge is awarded each season to the team that finishes with the highestoverall G.P.A. amongst athletic teams seasonally. They will be presented withcertificates, have their team memorialized on a plaque, and be invited for a “Breakfast with the A.D.” to celebratetheir actions both in the classrooms and on the fields. I am happy to introduce the winner of the 2018 Spring Seasonal G.P.A.Challenge… The Girls’ Spring Track & Field Team with a G.P.A. of 4.0034.Members of the Girls’ Spring Track & Field Team include: MeaganLambert, Carly Tarentino, Victoria Venezio, Emma Hilton, Julia Kalynchuk,Shailynn, Taylor Turek, Jenna Wiese, Paige Kelly, Kayla Kowalenko, NatalyaTorres, Kylee Zawacki, Grace Duffy, Saga Elsekhely, Lindsey Hofschneider,Alyssa Keane, Jessica Knowles, and Yasmine Torres.


The evening continued with the announcement of the BestTeammate Award winners. The BTAs were: Baseball – Zachary Thornton, Golf – RosseWildes, Lacrosse – Dylan Bohm,Softball – Jennifer Tinger, Tennis – Logan Guarino, Boys’ Spring Track& Field – Jack Delaney, Girls’ Spring Track & Field – GraceDuffy.


The evening culminated with the announcement of the TeamMost Valuable Players. The MVPs were: Baseball – Joe Turek, Golf – ChristianTeixeira, Lacrosse – Brandon Hund,Softball – Nicole Cassano, Tennis – Matthew Vigliotti, Boys’ Spring Track& Field – Tyler Bohm, Girls’ SpringTrack & Field – Lindsey Hofschneider.

The Athletic Director, Gus Kalikas, had this to say aboutthe event: “The Spring Athletic Awardswas a wonderful event that allowed the administration, teachers, coaches,parents, and student athletes a chance to reflect on a wonderful spring athleticsseason while honoring our student athletes for their remarkableaccomplishments. Our teams, coaches, and student athletes continue to raise thebar both in the classrooms and on the athletic fields and the Clark SchoolDistrict could not be more proud of their performance this past spring athleticsseason.”

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