C.A.L.C. Visits PreSchool for Autism Awareness Day
4/11/2018 5:37 PM

On Thursday, April 11, 2018,members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council “Lit It Up Blue”while participating in the Clark School District’s AutismAwareness Day at the Clark Pre-School. Autism is one of a groupof serious developmental problems called autism spectrum disorders that appearin early childhood — usually before age three. Though symptoms and severityvary, all autism spectrum disorders affect a child's ability to communicate andinteract with others. The number of children diagnosed with autism appears tobe rising. It's not clear whether this is due to better detection and reportingof autism or a real increase in the number of cases or both. While there is nocure for autism, but intensive, early treatment can make a big difference inthe lives of many children with the disorder.


C.A.L.C. members participated innumerous events throughout the occasion that not only were enjoyable for all ofthe children, but also raised awareness for autism. C.A.L.C. members AnthonyCaldiero, Alyssa Colicchio, Lindsey Hofschneider, Joshua Hill, Brandon Hund, SamanthaIanco, Andrew Kehrle, Jessica Lopez, Amy Wysocki, and Zach Thornton allparticipated in the event.


Mrs. Moscarella’s class, Mrs.Koepfler’s class, and Mr. Lowe’s students participating in LEAPP from Valley Road School, as well as, Mrs.Bitran’s class from Franklin K. Henley School and Mr. Kalikas’sArthur L. Johnson Crusader Athletic Leadership Council students joined thePreschool in numerous events throughout the morning to raise awareness forautism.    Through awareness credibleinformation, education, public policy initiatives lead the way to lifelongindividualized services.  Some of theseevents were bowling, basketball, soccer, a scooter and ice cream relay, acoloring craft, ball toss, obstacle course, parachute, and crafting a puzzlepiece necklace. The morning concluded with the students “blowing bubbles.” The“blowing of bubbles” symbolized the spread of hope, awareness, and acceptancefor those who have autism.  The studentswho participated in the event seemed to have a smile on their face from startto finish.  It was a great morning allaround!


Arthur L. Johnson High School’s Athletic Director, Gus Kalikas, had this to sayabout the event. “The C.A.L.C. was thrilled to be able to assist with the Clark School District’s Autism Awareness Day events at the Clark Pre-School.It was fun watching the High School Student Athletes as they interacted withthe young children, and I think both groups not only enjoyed the experience,but learned a lot while doing it. All of the Clark Pre-Schoolshould be commended for the wonderful event that was put together to bringawareness to autism.”


Special thank you to specialeducation teacher, Ms. DeVizio and Mr. Bain, P.E. teacher, for their efforts inorganizing and orchestrating this fun-filled event as well as the C.A.L.C.students for their assistance throughout the event.  Special thanks to our distinguished guest,Superintendent Edward Grande, for helping make this event possible and for allhis support throughout the school year.


On Friday, April 13, the Clark district staff will be raising funds to donate toAutism New Jersey, a non-profit agencycommitted to ensuring safe and fun filling lives for individual with autism,their families, and the professionals who support them.

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