Michael DeLeon speaks to C.A.L.C. and Crusader Student Athletes
3/27/2018 5:10 PM

On Monday, March 26, 2018, members of theCrusader Athletic Leadership Council and the Spring Athletic Programs met inthe Arthur L. Johnson High School auditorium. This is the seventh year for theCrusader Athletic Leadership Council, an organization that has been founded tohelp educate our student athletes on some of the expectations that we have forthem as they compete interscholastically in a variety of athletics. We hopethat by informing this council of some of our expectations, we will be able tofoster an open and healthy relationship amongst our student athletes, theschool culture, and the community of Clark.

The 2017-2018 members of theCrusader Athletic Leadership Council are:

Mike Adamowitz, Jason Applin, Andrew Beach, Dylan Bohm,Tyler Bohm, Kellie Bonaccorso, Thomas Bowen, Eric Bretz, Hannah Brogan, MichaelBruno, Anthony Caldeiro, Nicole Cassano, Alyssa Colicchio, Joe DiProfio, TyDobbins, Jeffrey Drajin, Joshue Fabrizzio, Emma Francisco, ChristopherFuschetto, Logan Guarino, Victoria Gulbin, Danielle Hartzler, Joshua Hill,Chloe Hessler, Lindsey Hofschneider, Brandon Hund, Samantha Ianco, MahmoudIbrahim, Tara Jacobsen, Andrew Kehrle, Brandon Laraway, Jessica Lopez, KristinaPalella, Marissa Petronella, Angela Pieros, Mackenzie Purcell, Brandon Rapp, BaileyRosenmeier, Ryan Spallone, Morgan Thomas, Zach Thornton, Joe Turek, MatthewVigliotti, George Visconti, Amy Wysocki, Sydney Zamboni, Amanda Zambrana, andGreg Zukowski.


The C.A.L.C. meets monthly anddiscusses a variety of topics and issues. The Council had the pleasure ofmeeting and interacting with guest speaker Michael DeLeon from Steered Staightat the last meeting, who talked to the C.A.L.C. Members on numerous topics inregards to leadership and making sound decisions.

After nearly eight years of drug addiction and gang involvement, MichaelDeLeon spent 12 years in state prison for a gang related homicide. Upon hisrelease from prison, DeLeon founded Steered Straight, and now travels acrossthe U.S. speaking to students and parents about the dangers of smokingcigarettes, abusing drugs, and binge drinking.


DeLeon talked about alcohol, vaping, opiates and abusing prescriptiondrugs. DeLeon said the primary purpose of his presentation was reaching youngadults through motivational, life sharing seminars. He said his goal was toprovide students with a sense of the real life consequences that come with druguse and poor decision making.


Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director atArthur L. Johnson High School, had this to say about the event. “The C.A.L.C.was thrilled to have Michael Deleone come and speak to us on multiple topicsrelevant to high school student-athletics today, including making sounddecisions throughout their high school years. Mike reached all ofour students and left them with great strategies that will not only help on thefields, courts, and mats, but also in the game of life. He was a trueprofessional and inspires while delivering an incredible message.”

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