Fall GPA Challenge Winners Enjoy Breakfast
12/19/2017 12:58 PM

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, the Arthur L. Johnson Athletic Department held abreakfast in honor of the 2017 Fall Athletics G.P.A. Challenge winners, the GymnasticsTeam. The event, sponsored by the Athletic Department, was held in the ArthurL. Johnson Cafeteria.


The Crusader G.P.A.Challenge will be awarded each season to the team that finishes with thehighest overall G.P.A. amongst athletic teams seasonally. They will bepresented with certificates, have their team memorialized on a plaque, and beinvited for a “Breakfast with the A.D.”to celebrate their actions both in the classrooms and on the courts.


The winner of the2017 Fall Seasonal G.P.A. Challenge…The Gymnastics Team with a G.P.A. of3.9678. Members of the Gymnastics Team please come up here to receive yourcertificates: Angela Pieros, Morgan Thomas, Lindsay Becker, NicalinaDelRosario, Kaitlyn King, Christina Sheafer, and Emi Budnik.


Athletic Director for the Clark School District Gus Kalikas hadthis to say about the G.P.A. Challenge winners from the Fall Season: “The Athletic Department is extremely proudof all the members of the Gymnastics Team. The team was able to balanceathletics and academics at the highest level, not only competing in the StateTournament in the Fall season but also excelling in the classroom, which isevident by the cumulative G.P.A. of 3.9678 that the team held throughout theseason. The G.P.A. Challenge was a result of years of hard work, not only bythe girls, but by our Head Coach, Brianna Ferdinandi, as well. They are a modelof what it means to be a student athlete and the Clark School District is proud of all of their accomplishments.”

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