Two ALJ Cheerleaders Accepted into Varsity IT Girls Internship Program
10/21/2017 4:24 PM

CLARK, NJ- Arthur L. Johnson senior Amanda Pratt and junior Nina DiProfio were selected from a nationwide search to participate in the Varsity Intelligence Team (IT) Girls Internship program. 

According to their website, Varsity is a national organization that provides cheerleaders with training, educational camps, apparel and opportunities towards competition. 

Varsity requires junior and senior students who apply to maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA, have great leadership skills, creative abilities and have at least three years of cheerleading experience, along with a passion for cheerleading and a positive attitude.

In this position, these ALJ student-athletes will gain experiences and participate in marketing team discussion during the 2017-2018 school years.  

Both girls expressed excitement and shock about being accepted into the program.   “I was actually kind of surprised because I didn't [initially] think I would get it. There are so many girls that apply to it,” Pratt said.

“I was really shocked. I wasn’t expecting the email because there were a lot of girls, all over the country and I know they only picked 30 in our region (New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland). I was really surprised.”

Pratt, a senior, says taking part in the internship during her last year of high school cheerleading provides a major advantage with college not too far away.

“Getting this internship, I feel, has given me that extra advantage to get into my top schools,” Pratt said. “I plan to major in marketing and this will also help me gain an understanding of what it takes to be in this field.”

DiProfio sees this as an opportunity to try something new as a junior in high school.

“For me, I think this is going to be a great experience for me and give me a taste of what’s out there. I’m still undecided as to what I want to do, so this will give me a good idea,” DiProfio said.

The girls are not the only ones happy about their acceptance into the program.   “I was so proud of both Nina and Amanda,” Johnson varsity cheerleading head coach Lindsey Barrett said. “They are well-rounded student athletes and to take on another responsibility shows their drive to succeed and prepare for their professional careers.”

The girls also took time to talk about their cheerleading careers in high school. Pratt has been cheerleading for about 12 years overall, while DiProfio has been cheerleading for about 11 years. The two shared their favorite parts of being a cheerleader.

"I feel it helps adds excitement to the game as we cheer the football players on and pump up the crowd,” Pratt said. “Also, the confidence it has given me to pursue wonderful opportunities such as this one.”

“As the years have gone on we've gotten much better, giving us more confidence leading the other students, having a more positive attitude towards us and the other sports,” DiProfio said.

 “This is my last year as a Johnson cheerleader and I hope to achieve a successful year with my team and getting the title of state champions for a second time,” Pratt said. “Also, I hope to make fun and lasting memories with my friends and teammates to last a lifetime.”

Both Pratt and DiProfio credit their head coach, Barrett, as their main mentor, both saying she always has a positive attitude and always pushes the girls to do their best at all times. They also credit their other cheerleading coaches for having an impact on the team’s successes.

“They are talented athletes and good teammates. Nina as a back spot and Amanda as a base have helped our team achieve all of the recognition and awards they have won and deserved,” Barrett added.

It all begins for Pratt and DiProfio at the mandatory internship kickoff meeting on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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