2017-2018 C.A.L.C. Guest Speaker Mike Spence
10/5/2017 4:44 PM

The CrusaderAthletic Leadership Council is an organization that has been founded tohelp educate our student athletes on some of the expectations that we have for themas they compete interscholastically in a variety of athletics. We hope that byinforming this council of some of our expectations, we will be able to fosteran open and healthy relationship amongst our student athletes, the schoolculture, and the community of Clark.

Not only will this be of great help to allArthur L. Johnson student athletes and coaches, but it will offer up a vastarray of opportunities for the members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council, including the ability toplace this activity on future college applications.

The organization will meet monthly and willdiscuss a variety of topics and issues. Future meetings will include guest speakers,coaches and administrators of the Clark School District, a visitto the Children’s Hospital, and more.

The C.A.L.C.’s 1st meeting was held on Wednesday, October 04, 2017.The C.A.L.C. was lucky enough to have MichaelSpence come in as a guest speaker to discuss leadership as it pertains toall student athletes. xxx

The CrusaderAthletic Leadership Council would like to thank Michael Spence for coming to Arthur L. Johnson High Schoolto share some of his insightful ideas on leadership as it relates to studentathletes. Mr. Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director in the Clark School District,had this to say about the event: “TheC.A.L.C. would like to thank Michael Spence for coming in to share his thoughtson leadership. His vast experience was not only interesting, but useful in ourquest to develop better leaders amongst our student athletes.”


Listed below are the members of the 2017-2018 CrusaderAthletic Leadership Council:


Mike Adamowitz, Jason Applin, Andrew Beach, Dylan Bohm,Tyler Bohm, Kellie Bonaccorso, Thomas Bowen, Eric Bretz, Hannah Brogan, MichaelBruno, Anthony Caldeiro, Nicole Cassano, Alyssa Colicchio, Joe DiProfio, TyDobbins, Jeffrey Drajin, Joshue Fabrizzio, Emma Francisco, ChristopherFuschetto, Logan Guarino, Victoria Gulbin, Danielle Hartzler, Joshua Hill,Chloe Hessler, Lindsey Hofschneider, Brandon Hund, Samantha Ianco, MahmoudIbrahim, Tara Jacobsen, Andrew Kehrle, Brandon Laraway, Jessica Lopez, KristinaPalella, Marissa Petronella, Angela Pieros, Mackenzie Purcell, Brandon Rapp, BaileyRosenmeier, Ryan Spallone, Morgan Thomas, Zach Thornton, Joe Turek, MatthewVigliotti, George Visconti, Amy Wysocki, Sydney Zamboni, Amanda Zambrana, and GregZukowski. 

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