C.A.L.C. Participate in 2nd & 7 Reading Program
4/19/2017 6:16 PM

On Tuesday, April 18th, andWednesday, April 19th, members of the Crusader Athletic Leadership Council participated in the Clark School District’s “2ndand 7 Reading Program”at the Valley Road and Frank K. Henley Elementary Schools. C.A.L.C. members went into the fourclassrooms and read children’s books to each 2nd grade classroom. C.A.L.C.members Tyler Bohm, Michael Brennan, Jen Casalino, Cristina Casimiro, Jon Duffy,Krista Ginesi, Cameron Hund, Gianna Randazza, Brandon Rapp, Deserae Sequeira,Zach Thornton, George Visconti Jr., and Greg Zukowski all took turns readingand discussing various children’s books with the students.


The2nd and 7 Tackling Illiteracy program includes reading to 2ndgraders in classrooms all over the country and providing each of those childrenwith a visit from a positive role model and a new book to take home. C.A.L.C.students read The Hog Mollies andSloop the Silver Snake to the 2nd graders, a children’s bookthat discussed numerous topics, including bully prevention.


Gus Kalikas, Athletic Director at Arthur L. Johnson High School, had this to say about the event. “TheC.A.L.C. was thrilled to be able to assist with the Clark School District’s 2nd and 7 Reading program at both VRS and FKH. It was fun watching the High School StudentAthletes as they interacted with the young children, and I think both groupsnot only enjoyed the experience, but learned a lot while doing it.”


The C.A.L.C. would like to thank Mr. Beltramba, Mrs. Bergin, and all of the Clark School District’s 2nd Grade Teachers for welcoming us and allowing us to be a part of a fabulous day.


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