Athletic Director


Mr. Kalikas has been a part of the Clark School District as a student athlete, teacher, coach, and now administrator since 1986. He became an English teacher and a coach at Arthur L. Johnson High School in 1999. In 2008, he was named Director of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education for the Clark School District, and he has worked in this capacity since. Prior to that Mr. Kalikas was employed as an English teacher and a coach with the Elizabeth School District, and as a football coach at Keyport High School.  Mr. Kalikas feels that athletic participation, whether it is in co-curricular activities or physical education, plays an integral role of shaping our students into the well rounded individuals that they will become.  He still resides in Clark with his wife Noel and his three sons, Jack, Grant, and Luke.

To contact the Athletic Director, please email him at
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