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Pace Women's Soccer Blanks Post, 4-0
Author: Pace Athletics
Pace Women's Soccer Blanks Post, 4-0 Next Game: at New York Tech 9/10/2019 - 4 P.M. Preview Live Stats Watch Live FULL SCHEDULE ROSTERPLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. – Sparked by three goals in the first half, the Pace University women's
Crusaders Enjoy Signing Day Ceremony
Author: Gus Kalikas
      On Friday, May 03, 2019, various staffmembers and administration at Arthur L. Johnson High School participated in a signingday ceremony to honor Cecilia Puentes (Soccer) and Natalya Torres (Track andField) for their yea
Sullivan Garners Honors
UNION COUNTY CONFERENCE Colleen Sullivan Johnson, Sr. For the second year in a row, Johnson has one of the best defenses in Union County. The Crusaders started the season with five straight shutouts and have now pitched 19 shutouts